Friday, February 27, 2009

Coi hu sanbatmi tie logli

Or, "How to communicate with Loglan"

Loglan, while a "logical language" doesn't have the number of speakers and assistance that it's daughter language, Lojban does. Still, one can persevere in constructing sentences using this language.

First thing that you'll want to do is download the Loglan Online DictionaryPC or Mac

It's a Java app, and it can help you find the right word for whatever you want to say.

So let's look at the title of this essay. First a little pronunciation:


Loglan pronunciation is pretty simple. There are a few letters and letter combinations that sound different than in English, but as far as this sample is concerned, if you just use Spanish vowels (a=AH,e=EH,i=EE,o=OH,u=OO) you won't be far off.

The Translation

Coi hu sanbatmi tie logli

Coi hu = How to (according to what rule/method)
Sanbatmi = Communicate (to communicate with one another about a subject)
tie = With (with/through/by (means of), any means/instrument)
Logli = Loglan

Now I could have said po fomtaa perti la Loglan, which roughly translates as "To lecture about the Loglan language", but I chose a harder phrase.

Obviously Loglan is easier for European language speakers, especially for those in the Romance languages, but it's a start for a interstellar trade language.

Mi vizka tu futci!

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